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Saturday, July 28, 2007
  Tapoll Predict-A-Poll Added
Mad Inventor, Dan Zen's Tapoll Predict-A-Poll feature has been added to the WannaGet Potter Harry Potter collecting game blog site.

Tapoll lets visitors predict the answer to a poll at the same time as voting on the poll. The answers to the predictions as well as the votes are then displayed.

Bloggers or content creators can easily put Tapoll Predict-A-Poll on their blog or site. Just choose create your own poll and add a question and options. A poll activation link is e-mailed to you and once the poll is activated, you just put the provided simple JavaScript tag on your Blog or site. Very similar to the WannaGet JavaScript tag.

http://www.tapoll.com is the official URL.

Please feel free to make your own Harry Potter poll or polls and send the poll ID to us. We will consider posting the poll on this WannaGet Harry Potter site!
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